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Career Resources

“True success is using the talent God has given you to elevate others” Dr. Ben Carson

“God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings” I Peter 4:10 (NIV)

Career advancement or career change can be overwhelming. Take the first step and prepare. These videos are here to help you reach your career goals. Feel free to view these videos at any time and as much as needed. There are additional resources available, listed below. SNU’s Title III Office is here to support you in navigating these resources and achieving your goals. For additional information, please contact their office at

SNU Job Search

SNU Job Search (w/Spanish Captioning)

Embarking on your career journey as a young professional? This video offers expert advice and practical recommendations for knowing yourself, identifying potential companies, networking, completing applications, and tailoring your resume for specific jobs. This comprehensive video will equip you with the essential tools to land your dream job and kickstart your career.

SNU Resume Writing

SNU Resume Writing (w/Spanish Captioning)

Did you know that a recruiter might spend less than 5 seconds looking at a resume? It is important that your resume stands out! In this video we explain how to tailor your resume for each job, include keywords, customize your format, and include specific information that will set you apart from others and help you land an interview.

SNU Interview Preparation

SNU Interview Preparation (w/Spanish Captioning)

Are you getting ready for an interview? We can help you get prepared so you can present yourself in the best light possible. In this video, we share strategies to equip you with the essential skills to ace any job interview and impress potential employers.

SNU Professional Dress

SNU Professional Dress (w/Spanish Captioning)

Dress for success and make a lasting impression at career fairs, interviews, and other professional events. In this video, we provide expert advice on appropriate business casual and business professional attire and accessories, grooming tips, and wardrobe essentials to ensure you exude confidence and professionalism at your next event.

SNU Network & Professional Development

SNU Networking & Professional Development (w/Spanish Captioning)

So you’re ready to take your learning and leverage it to get a job or advance in your career! In this video, we share two often overlooked elements: networking and professional development. From personal interactions and social media to growing in your professional area, learn practical strategies to help connect with others and increase career success.

SNU Professional Communication

SNU Professional Communication (w/Spanish Captioning)

Master the art of professional email communication. From crafting personalized subject lines to writing concise and impactful messages, we share strategies to help you navigate the world of business emails, ensuring your messages are professional, concise, and leave a positive impression on recipients.

SNU Professionalism in the Workplace

SNU Professionalism in the Workplace (w/Spanish Captioning)

Ready to take your professionalism to the next level? Discover expert strategies and practical advice for ensuring your behaviors, communication skills, and personal appearance cultivate a professional demeanor in the workplace. Elevate your career prospects and create a positive and respectful work environment with these invaluable tips.

SNU Veteran Center

SNU Veteran Center (w/Spanish Captioning)

SNU’s award-winning VETS Center has proudly supported our nation’s service members and veterans as they work towards their educational and career goals. SNU’s VETS Center is nationally recognized by leading local and government institutions for its dedication and commitment to helping veterans succeed.

Additional Resources

The American Physical Therapy Association is a national database for PT and PTA jobs. Integris Health, Mercy Hospital, and OU Health post PT and PTA jobs in the Oklahoma City metro area for a variety of clinical settings. 

The YouTube channel for has numerous videos connected to career success! 

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