Submit Grades & Confirm Attendance

Final Steps to Complete a Term

As you near the end of the term, it is time to take care of some final housekeeping items.

Confirm Attendance Data

For Professional and Graduate Studies Faculty Only: Confirm attendance has been appropriately marked for each student. (See Record Attendance for help.)

How to Submit Final Grades

Grades must be submitted through Faculty Self-Service, which links directly to Colleague, as the Registrar’s office uses this system for recording keeping. (Directions below.) Grades must be submitted within 14 days after the course end date.

  • Instructions for Submitting Grades through Faculty Self-Service:
  • STEP 1
    • From any area in Canvas, click on Help & Tools from the left sidebar. Select PGS Faculty Self-Service or CUGS Grades. This will navigate you out of Canvas and into Colleague, our Student Information System for attendance and grades.

  • STEP 2
    • Click on the course name. (If you have a cross-listed course, once you click on Grading it will show all students even though the courses may be listed separately on this page.)
  • STEP 3
    • Select the Grading tab.
  • STEP 4
    • Select which grade you would like to enter: Midterm 1, Midterm 2, Midterm 3, or Final Grade. Click the drop-down in the Grade column to select the grade for each student.  You do not have to save the information. The system will auto-save it as you make your selections.
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