Open Educational Resources

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What are OER?

Open Educational Resources

OER are openly available educational resources such as textbooks, articles, videos, audio, images, simulations, games, software packages, lessons plans, etc. that are free to use and free of most use restrictions and requirements.

Why use OER?

Openly Available – Free – Accessible – Variety – Inclusive

Openly Available and free to use, your course resources become more accessible to a variety of learners without financial burdens and fewer access issues. In addition, offering a variety of course materials, as opposed to one textbook from one perspective, you are including previously excluded voices and perspectives creating a more inclusive learning experience.

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Where to find OER?

Open Educational Resources are often housed in searchable online repositories. The repositories are often organized in categories such as grade-level, topic, type, etc. Knowing the best place to start and the proper searching techniques can speed your searching process.

If you are new to OER, you are encouraged to schedule a consultation with a CLI Team Member.

OER Repositories

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Helpful Links

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