Official Syllabus Template

Approved Syllabus

Beginning Spring 2018, SNU adopted an Official Syllabus Template to be used by all faculty. The template is in the form of a Google Doc that faculty can make a copy of, put in their own Google Drive, and share the link with students through your Canvas course. 

NOTE: This syllabus template contains only the institution-wide sections and policies. For program- or department-specific sections and/or policies, check with your Academic Director/Chair.

  • Open the Official Syllabus Template.
  • Click “File” then “Make a Copy” to create your own syllabus.

Editing/Sharing Instructions

Once the Official Syllabus Template is open, go to “File” then “Make a Copy” to create your own syllabus. Then, rename the syllabus in the top left corner and begin editing it. Once you are ready to share, click on the “Share” icon in the top right corner.  You may then click on “Advanced” in the pop-up box to change the viewing rights from private to “Anyone with the link can view” or whatever your preference may be. Be sure to only give them viewing rights, not editing rights.  (Find out more on Google Doc sharing here.) You will then copy/paste the given url into your Canvas course. Remember, it’s a live document, so any updates you make will reflect instantly in your Canvas course or wherever you have shared the url.

Syllabus Formatting

The official syllabus was formatted according to SNU visual standards with the proper fonts, logo, and color schemes. It was also formatted to be accessible to all students and to be screenreader compatible. Placeholders are provided for faculty to add the required information, and links are provided to direct readers to pages that are updated regularly. Formatting, such as fonts, font sizes, heading styles, etc. should not be changed. Contact the CLI Team if you have questions about how to properly format the information you add to your syllabus.