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Microlearning and Reusable Learning Objects

Microlearning can motivate and engage your learners and result in better learning retention. In this webinar, Dr. Lease and Nicole Penny present how the CLI team can turn your most important concepts into reusable microlearning objects.
Intended Audience: on-campus CUGS faculty
Presented Spring 2023

Best Practices for Group Projects

Group projects and group work can be a challenge, but there are also benefits! In this webinar, Dr. Lynn Lease shares the challenges and benefits, tips for grouping students and setting them up for the tasks, and best practices for fair assessing and grading.
Intended Audience: on-campus CUGS faculty
Presented Spring 2023

Best Practices for Hybrid Course Design

Thinking about offering a hybrid course in the future? Hybrid courses offer a flexible modality, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. In this session, Dr. Lynn Lease offers some best practices for hybrid course design that allows you to effectively use your in-class time and to engage students in learning outside of the classroom while still meeting the credit hour requirements of your course.
Intended Audience: on-campus faculty considering the hybrid course modality
Presented 10/21/22

Discussions with Socrates

Discussion forums are a big part of an online student’s learning journey, but they are only as effective as the group of students choose to make them. We can do our best to write thought-provoking prompts that promote critical thinking and deep dialogue, but unless students engage in these forums, they are simply another assignment to complete. As a teaching professor, your engagement within the forums can make a big difference in student engagement and learning. Join Dr. Lynn Lease as she shares the Socratic Method and questions you can ask students to promote critical thinking, engagement, and deep dialogue.
Intended Audience: anyone who teaches a course with online discussion forums
Presented 10/19/22

Canvas Spotlight: Studio

Online students often comment that they feel alone on their learning journey in an online course. Let’s help your students feel a connection to your course by adding your voice! As the teaching professor of an online course, you have valuable expertise and a unique personality. Studio can allow you to explain difficult concepts, share real-world application examples, offer insights learned over the years in the field, and simply connect and relate to your students. Join Dr. Lynn Lease as she offers an overview of Canvas Studio settings, options, and overlooked features, and some practical recommendations for adding your voice to your online course.
Intended Audience: anyone who uses Canvas Studio
Presented 9/14/22

Engaging Students with CATs

Feel like you need to be a stand-up comedian to keep your students engaged? What if I told you CATs can help? Teaching is just one side of the educational equation. Classroom Assessment Techniques are quick, easy, and helpful to engage your students as a partner in the learning side of that equation. Join Dr. Lynn Lease in this webinar as she shares many examples of high stakes and low stakes, high tech and low tech, easy-to-implement strategies you can use in class today to engage students in learning AND help you and your students know if they truly are learning.
Intended Audience: on-campus faculty
Presented 9/2/22

Personalizing your Pre-Built Course

As an online professor at SNU, your course has been written, developed, and built by a team of specialists. As the teaching professor, you play a big part in the equation of a successful online course. You bring an additional level of expertise and your unique personality to the course. But how can you add this expertise and personality to the course? In this webinar, Dr. Lynn Lease provides some useful tips that will help you personalize your pre-built course.
Intended Faculty Audience: online faculty who teach a course built by the Center for Learning and Innovation
Presented 3/24/22

Flipping your PowerPoint for the Student Brain

Are your class lecture slides filled with bullet points? It’s time to change things up! Join Dr. Lynn Lease in this webinar as she shares information we really need to understand about our students related to Cognitive Load Theory, the redundancy effect, information processing, chunking, and memory. You will walk away with some strategies for improving your slides turning your lecture into a more engaging and memorable learning experience!
Intended Audience: anyone who designs PowerPoints for teaching
Presented 3/4/22

Canvas Spotlight: SpeedGrader

Grading student work and providing valuable feedback and recommendations for improvement can be a time-consuming and sometimes arduous task. The Canvas SpeedGrader provides some features to help you evaluate student work in a more time-efficient and effective manner. Dr. Lynn Lease shares an overview of the SpeedGrader features and some valuable tips for providing meaningful feedback to your students.
Intended Faculty Audience: anyone who uses Canvas for grading student work
Presented 2/16/22

Canvas Best Practices for the On-Campus Student Experience

On-campus students who have access to Canvas as a supplemental resource were recently asked, “Describe your experience using Canvas for this course,” on an updated on-campus End-of-Course Evaluation. Join Dr. Lynn Lease in this webinar as she shares what students said. Dr. Lease also shares some design and organization tips and recommendations for making sure your students have a positive experience in Canvas in your next on-campus course!
Intended Faculty Audience: on-campus faculty who set up their own Canvas course content
Presented 2/11/22

March Mindfulness Webinar Series

Move over March Madness … we are focused on March Mindfulness!

In 2022 the Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) is teamed up with the Office of Intercultural Learning and Engagement (ILE) to offer a menu of Intercultural Learning Opportunities (ILOs), presented BY FACULTY FOR FACULTY!
Intended Faculty Audience: all faculty
Presented March 2022

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