Checking Student Activity Data

Student analytics show you how well a particular student is doing in your course. You can view analytics in both active and concluded courses. Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics. Deleted or inactive user enrollments will not generate data.

Available analytics include course grade, weekly online activity, and communication. By default, the analytics page displays an interactive chart graph of all data. However, you can view data within a table at any time.

Learn more general information about New Analytics.

These tasks and more:

  • View analytics for an individual student.
  • View average course grades.
  • Compare the course average with an assignment, section, or student filter.
  • Send a message to all students based on specific course, grade, or participation criteria.
  • Send a message to an individual student.
  • View weekly online activity analytics.
  • Send a message to all students based on specific course participation criteria.
  • View and download reports.


  • If you cannot view the New Analytics link in Course Navigation, you may have to make the link visible via the Navigation tab in Course Settings. If the New Analytics link is not available in the Navigation tab, your institution has disabled this feature.
  • Data is refreshed in New Analytics every 24 hours. Please confirm the time data was last updated in the course, as content may be outdated compared to recent course activity and student submissions.
  • In order for New Analytics to display in Canvas, third-party cookies may need to be enabled in your browser settings.
  • Because mobile page view data is based on device settings and network connection, it may vary from the time the page views actually occurred. Page view data should not be used to assess academic integrity.