Zoom in Canvas

Zoom is a full-featured web and video conferencing solution that offers the ability to have online meetings with anyone on campus or even around the world.  Features include: video conferencing, screen sharing, remote control, breakout rooms, and even the ability to record your meetings.

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At this time, Zoom is available for anyone on campus with an @mail.snu.edu account, so that means it uses your SNU credentials.  

If you are accessing your SNU Zoom account for the FIRST TIME, navigate to https://snu.zoom.us/ to sign-in and configure your account.

When you access our custom SNU Zoom page, a free account will be automatically created for you. Faculty and Students will have a 40-minute limit for meetings of 3 or more that they create or host. Please contact the IT department for any questions regarding this at 405.491.6396 or support@clisupport.

Accessing your SNU Zoom Account

To use your SNU Zoom account, please login here https://snu.zoom.us/ using your SNU credentials. 

Adding Zoom to your Canvas Course Navigation

If you do not see Zoom in your course navigation, you can add it by following these directions: How do I Manage Course Navigation Links

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

For Faculty Recording Class Meetings

Faculty have the ability to record beyond the 40-minute time limit, if students are not joining virtually. If 3 or more students join the meeting virtually, there will be a 40-minute time limitation.

All recordings will be saved to the local computer being used to record unless you select to record to the cloud. Cloud recordings are maintained for only 7 days before being automatically deleted.

For students to view the recording, the video will need to be uploaded to Canvas Studio and then shared to an announcement or page within the course. For more information, visit the Canvas Studio and Zoom Recording Guides.

How To’s

Adding Zoom Recordings to Canvas Studio

In order for your students to view your recorded Zoom session, you will need to add it to Canvas Studio and then share it via a course announcement or a page within your Canvas course.

Various Uses

  • Video Conferencing or Meetings
  • Online Presentations/Lecture
  • Online Office Hours

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