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Editing an Existing Video in Canvas Studio

Did you create a video in Canvas Studio, but you would like to go back and trim something, add an element, or make another form of edit? This video will demonstrate the steps for editing a video that you have already created:

  • #1 – Download your published video (1:02​)
  • #2 – Start a new recording (1:14​)
  • #3 – Edit the new recording (1:40​)
  • #4 – Insert your downloaded (published) video (1:49​)
  • #5 – Delete the new recording (2:14​)
  • #6 – Edit and publish your video (2:22​)

A pitfall of this method is that if your original recording includes a webcam then you cannot edit it, nor can you adjust the cursor (hiding, highlighting, emphasizing clicks). But if you need to cut, insert, narrate, or overlay elements then this technique will work in a pinch.