Canvas Rough Draft Check

There are times when you want to allow your students to submit rough drafts to Turnitin within your Canvas course during their writing and editing process before they submit their final draft to your official assignment.

Creating a rough draft check in Canvas allows students to submit rough drafts, review similiarity scores and e-Rater checks.

This video provides a step-by-step tutorial and recommended settings.

Text for the Rough Draft Check Description

Rough Draft Check with Turnitin


This Rough Draft Check allows you to submit your work to Turnitin as a draft to check for plagiarism concerns and writing issues.

As part of the writing process, this check allows you to improve your writing prior to submitting it to the assignment within the weekly modules.

Once you submit your work here, you will see a Similarity Report which provides information on grammar and other writing issues as well as a similarity score. Visit the Turnitin Plagiarism Tool page by clicking the Student Toolkit under the Course Information & Communication area in this course for help using this report to improve your writing.

You are allowed three resubmission attempts where the Similarity Report will generate immediately. After three attempts, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before a new Similarity Report can be generated.