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We know that you, the course intructor, provide much support to your students. There may be times, though, when your student needs additional help or services beyond what you can offer. There may be times when a student is not succeeding for one reason or another, and you should alert the SNU team for additional help.

Reasons to Submit an Alert

In addition to supporting your students who are struggling, you should submit an alert. This tracks your alert and can prompt the student to take action and/or alert the staff on campus to reach out to the student to provide additional support. There are a variety of reasons to submit an alert. Your options in the alert system include the following:

Academic Concerns
  • Integrity violation
  • Lack of engagement
  • Low grades
Other Concerns
  • Specify in comments
  • Tutoring
  • Career Education
  • Financial Services
  • RENEW Counseling Center
  • Student Life
  • Commuter Services
Enrollment Concerns
  • Wishes to drop a course
  • Possibility of falling below full-time status
  • Discusses withdrawing from the University
Attendance Concerns
  • School sponsored absence
  • Short-term absence
  • International student travel

More than one concern for a student?

If you have more than one concern for a student, submit a General Concern Alert and list all concerns in the Comments area. This will ensure the proper staff are notified and able to take action quickly.

Issue an Alert and/or Refer a Student to an Office/Service

Respond to Progress Report Request

Switch Your Role in Navigate (i.e. Staff to Faculty)

  1. Log in to your EAB Account.
  2. If you see “Staff Home” at the top of your account, click the triangle next to the words to toggle to the “Professor Home” in order to see your class lists and assigned students

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