2 Step Account Verification

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or 2-Step Verification (2SV)?

If you are not familiar with MFA, which Google calls 2SV, it is an extra layer of authentication, in addition to a password, when signing into your SNU account. Typically, this extra layer is a smartphone that you have in your possession. The benefits of MFA are numerous, but include:

  • It is more secure than passwords alone
  • Reduces risk from compromised passwords
  • Increases regulatory compliance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn on 2-Step Verification (2SV)?

When you enable 2SV, (also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you add an extra layer of security to your account. You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (like a code sent to your phone).

To set up 2-Step Verification:

  • Go to Google’s 2-Step Verification page (You will be prompted to sign in to your SNU Google Account)
  • Click “Get started”. Note: Be sure to have a phone nearby
  • Follow the quick step-by-step setup process

Once you’re finished, you’ll be taken to the 2-Step Verification settings page. Review your settings and add backup phone numbers. The next time you sign in, you’ll receive a message with a verification code. You also have the option of using a Security Key for 2-Step Verification or a variety of other alternative second steps. We recommend you choose at least one alternative option.

What if I don’t want to use my phone?

Don’t want to use your phone? No problem. You’ll need a phone to set up 2-Step Verification at first, but you can then immediately change your second step. Here are some alternatives:

What if my phone was lost or stolen?

If your phone was lost or stolen, we strongly recommend that you change your SNU Google Account password. This will help prevent others from accessing your SNU account from your phone. Learn more here on steps you can take to fix common issues with 2-Step Verification, including a lost or stolen phone. In addition, you can contact IT Support Services by calling (405) 491-6396 or by emailing support@snu.edu.

What if I get a new phone after I’ve setup Google 2-Step Verification?

That is no problem. Simply follow these instructions.